Thursday 19 September 2013

Party time with Blue Lagoon

Hoping for Barman tricks - but he was feeling shy
So the other Sunday we had a party! We were welcoming Mo into England.  It was a typical rainy day.... I lit the chimnea in case folks wanted to sit out in the drizzle.  The smokers did.  Everyone else sat in my what-was-perfect house.

I'd cleaned and scrubbed and tidied til my fingers were raw.  Silly eh.  Rainy day, folks in and out of the garden,  all needed doing again.

Nevertheless,  we had such laughs and lovely friends of mine poured into the house far more than I expected.  We had around 28 'close' friends only.  Phew, so many.  It was a great day with much Blue Lagoon tasting going on.

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