Friday 20 September 2013

Wet weather hair - what to do?

Wet weather can be a nightmare for those with even the slightest bit of an edge to frizz.  So what can you do when times like these provide days with fog and that kind of rain makes you cringe? You know the rain?  Small droplets carried in the air.

Best thing to do is of course to ‘go with it’.  Rather than trying to create that sleek style that would be envied by Rachel in Friends – go with the curls.

A visit to your hair stylist is of course the best way to get special advice.  If you wear your hair curly you can apply a little more serum than you would if the hair was straight.  This helps to create something of a barrier over the hair and keeping the moisture out. 

Of course,  the beauty of this style is that you can simply wear it this way for just one day and change it back again!  Book an appointment with your local salon for tips on styling and products you can use to ‘go with the flow’ with your curly locks. 

Getting it right this season will give you renewed confidence and allow your stylist to colour your hair in a way to create sheen and bounce


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