Sunday 8 June 2014

Fathers Day gift ideas

Fathers Day

One more week until Fathers Day here in the UK.

No one is perfect.  Most Dads try hard to be though.  What better way to show them your gratitude than to treat them for Fathers day?

June 15th 2014 - ok so we could cook them lunch - pour them a beverage or two but what to buy?

That's not easy...

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So what can you buy for your Dad?  It's a tricky one at the best of times isn't it.

Aftershave?  Socks?

With the help of Amazon,  I was sent this email which gave some suggestions *

Fathers Day ideas

Although, my favourite idea is the good old kindle.  The author in me loves to promote reading.  Even though my Dad bought his own kindle,  he does get hours and hours of pleasure out of reading. Even better when he travels as he can read for England! This obviously means more space in the suitcase for stuff he really needs to take.

This Kindle is on sale too and in case you didn't know,  the books you download are pretty much always cheaper to buy than paperback books.

I wish all the Dads out there a wonderful Fathers Day and hope you are given a little bit of spoiling too on this special day.

Louise xoxox

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