Tuesday 24 June 2014

My nutrition blog is taking the internet by storm!

I am so very excited to share with you a link to my new blog! As I told you previously,  I was in the process of writing and setting up this brand new blog and I'm astonished and overwhelmed at the page views it's getting already,  with simply one post on it!

Gracious me!

So,  even at this time of year when most of the bikini body workouts are done and people start to think more about health in September (after the summer) there is still an audience for this stuff!

The type of thing I will be posting on the blog are recipes,  videos and lots of health and nutrition advice.  A way of helping to to regain better health through food choices.

Diets are fast becoming unfashionable as more and more folks realise that it's all about eating a balanced diet.  Not a one size fits all type of thing but rather listening to your body and tailoring what you eat with what suits you.

So go over and take a look at the new blog by clicking here!

And if you are keen to find out more about getting some personal coaching from me then see this page.

Want to advertise your own blog on there?  No problem.  See the ad page.

Look me up on twitter, Facebook and instagram and let's connect! I love sharing stuff with you guys and knowing my readers have awesome profiles too!

Looking forward to keeping you all up to date with the latest news! Take care and let me know how your week is going.

Much love

Louise xoxox


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