Tuesday 1 March 2016

Listening to your voice within

For some reason,  many of us who discovered the law of attraction within the past 10 years are a little older than children.

As my generation begins to educate our children in the art of the law of attraction, I am hoping with all my heart that this means they are better than me at listening to the voice within.

This blog post is born of a desire to urge you to listen to your inner voice.  You know that nagging feeling you sometimes get in life when things don't feel right?  That means something needs to change.  
In total contrast to this, there are those days when you feel like you could skip to the moon and back,  so happy,  light and bright.  That is when you are in tune with what you should be doing.  
What is filling your soul? 
If it's nothing or you are going against your inner vortex  you are likely, like me, to end up unwell.

Now I know exactly what my wishes are for life.  I'm pretty sure I know what has the potential to make me feel better.  It's not pills or injections,  much less major surgery.  

Even when you know it all comes from your thinking and your attitude,  it's not easy.  Real life gets in the way and you become afraid to persue your dreams.  Worried that you need to earn money.
Yet how many times have you heard, "Follow your passion and the money will come."?   I know this stuff,  darn I teach it.  Since 2011 I have been on a mission.  Yet lately, things are stopping me from remembering this.

Of course,  we need down times in order to enjoy the up times.

From today, I am going to make these changes.  Are you with me?  I'm going to do the exercises the physio set me.  I'm logging the right, nutritional food to eat and I am going to spend more time catching up at my desk.  It's all to play for.  We just need to remember to listen within.

Are you with me?


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