Friday 4 August 2017

Law of attraction and feelings

Currently I'm reigniting my knowledge of the importance of feelings when using the law of attraction in your life.

This blog was born for the law of attraction teachings I learn along the way but I want to briefly share this with you this morning:  We are not perfect.
Do not (please) give yourself a hard time if things are not working for you.  Soon, I will be sharing an in depth blog post about this but I am in the throes of learning how to explain it best for you.  Asking is not enough.  It's about the feeling which is where the "Belief" part comes into play.  We need to believe.  Why? Because then we have more change of acting as if.  Honestly.

Recently, you may have seen I have been uploading many travel vlogs on Youtube.  The feeling I got from the last holiday was one of sheer fun and excitement.  I feel I could have manifested anything at this time.

A snippet of karaoke in this video will have you see me at the end full of life and vibrancy.  I could have almost shouted how excited and happy I felt.  Creating these feelings often enough will see you with the happy feeling you need to go forward with life.  It's not easy. This is where I feel I differ from some of the other law of attraction people you may read.  I don't pretend it's easy. Or that life is just plain sailing.  I know it isn't.  But try.  Do something to make you smile.  Watch a funny film, play you favourite music, look over old photos of good times.

Wishing you much love

Louise xoxo


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