Monday 9 October 2017

Confused - Because I want it all.

Guys, I'm usually here giving you a little bit of advice.

Today I fancy having yours...

Maybe you will relate. In fact, if you have ever had a dream I am fairly sure you will relate.

If you have followed my blog for some time now you will know I am a mature student at university.  I do love my course.  I love the sense of achievement and having deadlines to meet.  Routine is great and I totally love it.   Subjects fill me with so much passion for science and the nutritional direction in which public health is going.

However..... part of me really wants to carry on and do a PhD.  This might lead to a great job.  Do I want a JOB?  Is it really the dream? OR is the dream to write, travel, make films?  To be honest, I think it is yet I get caught up in the whirlwind of study and achieving. 

Writing on this blog, for example, the only person patting me on the back is you, the reader.  Sometimes even showing me with the view counts.  So while I haven't been paying so much attention to my views recently, I have just hopped over and taken a look. I'm astounded.  Amazing... since my Najowrimo (about Journalling) blog post a couple of weeks ago there are so many of you have signed up to get my blog posts to your inbox via the signup box on this website and I feel that is a definite pat on the back.  Thank you. 

If you have ever tried meditating on 'what you really want' you might be amazed and surprised.  I intend to begin creating such meditations.  Honestly since the law of attraction came into my life so much has changed. It's incredible.  So, then I get inspired to show you guys once again where to start with the law of attraction, what it has done for me and how you can live your life the law of attraction way to really go and live your dreams.....

Living my dream...

What would you do???

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