Thursday 21 December 2017

|Christmas is almost here...what was I doing three, two and one year ago?

2014 saw my first Christmas at university.  Studying at London met, I used to enjoy the odd glass of wine as I was always travelling by train.

On this last day at uni of 2014, we went for drinks.  Then looking at expensive footwear! IT was funny. I remember it well.

2015 I began to realise I was taking a bit of a hit with my health.  Not up to doing too much about it at this stage, I hadn't realised we were entering a time where we would soon say goodbye to Dad after he enjoyed his last Christmas.

Then last year I was looking very blonde indeed.  And happy.  While Jasmine had got Glandular Fever, mum was unwell and I was less than enjoying my science at uni.  Clarity was beginning to hit me as I realised how exciting this was all becoming as more and more people ask me about becoming a blogger and youtuber.  So, I gave my advice on this video!

Of course I will be sharing more videos with you as I literally have just finished with my last client before Christmas but I really hope you have enjoyed these blasts from the past. I loved watching back over them! It reminds me of why I actually love making this stuff.  Looking back over the memories is incredible.  So for sure I will 100% be doing Vlogmas next year :)


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