Saturday 2 December 2017

Why I'm not doing #Vlogmas this year

It's December already! Gosh.  Once again this seems impossible.  How did the time literally grow wings and fly so fast?

Something different in my world this December.  Ok, so lots the same, I will still have a birthday for example. Yet for the past 3 years I have participated in #vlogmas.  

What is VLogmas?

You VLOG each day in December in the lead up until Christmas. In other words, you get to be nosey in other peoples lives as they begin to prepare for Christmas.  Yes.  That's as simple as it is.  Although if you are a vlogmas participant you will 'have my back' when I say it's a lot of work! To create something beautiful and interesting takes a lot of time.

As a reader of my blog for a while, you are likely to know I have my hands full with my final year of university, looking after my mum, obviously seeing to the twins as always and general stuff around my own health and life.  Sensing vlogmas might be too much I have decided on another path instead:

I will be sharing my last 3 years Vlogmas over on my twitter page instead.  Each day, as if we are travelling back in time.  Gosh, 3 years ago I looked so much more well and healthy than I do right now! What happened?



2016 a particularly beautiful one.

Hope you enjoy! If you are doing vlogmas, tag me in twitter when you upload and I will enjoy watching and retweeting! 

Much love this vlogmas

Louise xoxo


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