Sunday 7 January 2018

Depressed on holiday?

Ok, so I forgot to take my tablets for 4 days.  

I'm not that person though.  Not that person who needs that tablet?  Without which negative thoughts creep in making me feel blue, sad, inadequate and all?  No surely not.

Maybe (almost definitely) it was the fact I have lots of university work to do.  Like, loads.  And in respect to that work I have certainly lost my muse.  What's the point?  You submit work, you've worked hard on it and they give ALL of us terrible marks.  The feedback is written by a child it seems and the entire thing has me blue.

A looming exam Wednesday. I need to revise.  Should I wing it? I'm honestly feeling that I'm at the end of the line regarding this work.  To the point of feeling excited when I talk about quitting.  

12 weeks to go.  IT would be daft right?

Yet I'm not enjoying this holiday like I thought I might purely for the fact of doing all this work.

No editing of films has gone on while I'm here and that's usually my late night love.  

For today, I will put down the books and do something I love, write.  I will edit a film later maybe.  Definitely walk along the beach (if mum is well enough to be left as the took a downturn yesterday).

Such a shame to feel this black cloud approaching when surrounded by beautiful beaches and the amazing blue sea.

Just goes to show, sometimes the bigger picture of what is going on in your life is the exact thing that is bringing you down rather than the surrounding environment.  Does any of this blog post make sense?  I'm not even sure.  Yet If I share a few photos with you now I will feel proud of them.  Showing Jasmine the world and laughing together is a definite way I would love to spend my life.

12 weeks...

Directly outside the hotel is this prom. Great for walkers.

Love locks are everywhere.  

Never ceases to take my breath away

Watching the sun come up from my balcony.  Sigma lens zooms for this shot. 


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