Tuesday 20 March 2018

I love my bucket list - what's on yours?

I'm not jumping out of a plane.  Or swimming the channel.

Hmm so yes I do love the thrill of doing something exciting but certain things just don't seem to sit right with me if they are on my bucket list.  So mine is a little modest perhaps. 
The joy that comes with each tick?  Still just as precious as ever!

If you enjoyed the last blog post (I expect you did as it went very viral and for which I am so thankful) you will have seen my story of how/when/why I joined the university choir.  
The friend I mentioned in the post, Lulu, and I have been chatting frequently and  - oh you know what I'm not sure why I felt a need to mention that here but I'm so proud to have her in my life.  
Anyhow, Friday happened.  And I ticked the bucket list, actually doing myself remarkably proud and being much less imperfect than I expected while still not over achieving (as that might have meant I should have been a child progedy -whilst without time travel- would simply mean it's a tragedy). 

Currently I'm lacking in the desire to over share although this might change later on.

Let me tell you, life is taking a course of events as I approach the final year of my degree. 
Having just completed the necessary blog posts as part of my course, it was interesting to reflect on what a different person I now am to back in year zero.  Of course I was 'in there' and just needed to bloom.  Having experienced challenges not only in the science world but also in some of the challenging personalities I have spent time with over this past 4 years I now sense I am really on track.
Stronger than ever, never been so happy and physically growing stronger every day since my illnesses got a bit challenging too.

Had you mentioned this time last year how incredible things would be right now, while under so much dissertation pressure, I am not sure I would have trusted your motives.

So this bucket list (I'm hoping) gets 2 more ticks over Easter as we are heading off to the countryside for my little bit of Wanderlust tree hugging as I get to work on the lambs being born. Loving Easter as one of my favourite times of year, and ready for a break - I am not allowing myself to feel the excitement just yet as I will when I begin the long drive in the 4WD.  Our house and it's new log burner is awaiting us in the Welsh countryside and Harley will have a lovely new haircut and no doubt keep me warm at night with his snoring ShihTzu nostrils as always.  

One mini manifestation I haven't quite figured out just yet is seeing the Queen.  This might be unexciting really but I do love the Royal family and I thought it would be a cool thing to pop on the bucket list.  The times I worked at Royal Ascot and Newmarket and the Royals were there but of course, I was busy doing my thing...

Think I might need to add some more to the list.  Or will the list of travel destinations I'm working on suffice?

What about you? What's on yours? Ticked any recently?  Such a buzz isn't it! 

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

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