Friday 20 July 2018

Did I always want to be a writer?

Way before the days of wanting to become an author (hang on, when was that again as I actually can't remember the days?).  Yes that's right, I have always wanted to write.  As a child, I wrote loads of letters.  Mostly to my Grandparents.  Of course these days email makes it easy and many people write but this is quite a new concept. When I was a child not many people did write to others.  As a teenager, one of my lovely schoolfriends (there weren't many) called Claire, had a total romance with a soldier.  Someone from the Grenadier Guards.  They would exchange letters all the time.  She said there was another guy who would like to have  a pen pal and would I be interested?  Would I be interested?  In receiving mail.  Duh yeah.  And writing it.

I was 15 years old and so far in the naive bracket.  I hadn't thought such emails might need to contain a little flirtation.  What was I like?  Anyhow, you hear my point.

Writing my first novel

During a particularly dark point in my life (mentally and literally through my eyes) I spent a long winter period writing a novel.  Total fiction.  Romance.  I loved it.  It was more than exciting and got me out of bed every morning.

A year or two later I gave it to my friend to read over and she loved it.  She thought I really had something there.  But I left it with her and never collected it again.  I remember it now it was a dusky blue folder.   I remember it so well.

Believing life was supposed to be hard was tough for me as a child.  I thought life was supposed to be difficult and you were not meant to enjoy your work. Now at my age (in my 40s) I am finally beginning to properly challenge this concept.  I want to write full time, for a living.  Could this be a thing?


We so often doubt ourselves and our abilities as if you have been raised with a poor mans mindset OR/AND the belief that living the dream can't also be work and earn you a living, you have a journey to go through.  This is something I know so well.

Having been on this journey now for 9 years, I am still not quite where I need to be with my mindset even though I work on it pretty much daily.  The skill set is there although there are always extra skills to learn.  I love to type, take photos, write creatively and tell my stories.  Online marketing is something I love yet still I find myself wanting to learn more as this is definitely something within the digital world I would like to become a part of.  Recently I have met a couple of cool guys online who have created a course which can help me to become a digital expert in order to really morph this dream into a reality. So what is stopping me?

Finding time to write is something I wouldn't say I so much struggle with but it's the actual act of putting my writer dreams first before the family and other work which is currently paying the bills.  Yes, that's definitely it.  It's putting my writer dreams first which cause difficulty.  Ohh that's juicy. 

Digital marketing

What is your dream? ~What lengths will you go to to achieve that dream?  I'm thinking of signing up to this digital academy. If this is something you might want to do, I'd be interested to know. You see the one biggest question I get asked is how exactly do I make money online. It's not one straight forward answer but a long one...multiple streams is the way...

I'm excited for the future.

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