Tuesday 26 February 2019

Sacking the pseudonym

You might know by now, I'm a writer.  Full time.

Blessed indeed.

I love it.

This past weekend I was on a writers workshop which is part of my Creative writing MA Post grad degree.  The inspiration in the room was something else.   Like minded writers all following dreams within the room as sunshine streamed through the windows.  We didn't mind at all that we were missing the nice February weather outside.  Our muse kept us glued to our seats. 

Writing creative non-fiction was always the plan.  Weaving some science and nutrition through my words in order to help spread the word of chronic disease and lifestyle choices.  As time has gone on, I have realised more and more I totally adore writing stories to the point that these stories have to be written and shared.  Yep! No choice.

Fiction poured out of me as I began to plan the next part in my novella Delayed.  I love this story and the twists and turns it took as I started to draft an outline was both exciting and a little thought provoking.  
One of our exercises was also to rewrite little Red Riding hood. Which was incredible.  The story took so many crazy forms around the room and I LOVED it.  So, fiction needs to be a part of my life, I knew this with certainty. 

Over on Instagram and my other website, I have embraced a pseudonym (Faraday Wren) to write the fiction under. Yet now I feel I am way more likely to be writing creatively rather than scientifically and I am going to just simply write it all as Louise Usher and forget the pen name.  Of course I will weave science and health throughout my writing but primarily, it is time to live the dream and write stories.  Some true, some less so, some completely factual. 

The future feels so exciting to me and I became really overwhelmed this Monday when i filmed my Motivational Monday video. It is crazy how excited I am to be writing my stories and I completely love the writing process.  Check out the video here and also go see the Faraday website while it is still live.  I will be bringing the blogs over here really soon. 


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