Sunday 12 May 2019

Posting travel Vlogs from Tui Blue Marmaris with 'Dementia mum and me'

Having just come back from the incredible Tui Blue Marmaris once again (more on that in another blog post soon!), I have just finished uploading the edited videos from the trip.

It was more than amazing to feature my son on this trip and he was super helpful in the health and fitness video too! However, these videos are all up and live now and I decided it is time to bite the bullet and edit the videos from last October when I took Mum there.

For me, I have made no secret of the fact this was a life-changing trip for me and painful in many ways and I had to bury this for some time while I came to terms with how I was feeling. Mum has dementia but is still high functioning yet kinda puts on me a lot. While I hadn't realized that until two ladies I made friends with on the trip pointed it out, I have struggled since to deal with day to day life with mum who often doesn't try and be helpful but yet my life was on hold.  Now, we have taken steps to cope (for us all) and while it's a work in progress, I do feel it's time to start editing and sharing these videos and I shall be posting over on the dementia blog soon too, highlighting the struggles carers face. It's not a bed of roses. 


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