Saturday 21 December 2019

Life is short

Life is short, true. But here I am heading into another Christmas period. I made it. Sharon didn’t. We lay her to rest tomorrow. Heaven knows how I say goodbye to my bestie.
            ‘There are good guys out there, don’t lose hope,’ she told me frequently. 
            ‘Nah,’ was always my reply as I protested single life is better for me. Had enough heartbreak thanks. 

Christmas eve, I’ll be in the pub with my teenagers who are now old enough to drink with me. It’ll be fun. I might accidentally get a bit tipsy like I did last year. 
            Does that mean I won’t be looking at the door hoping for the Milk Tray man to swoop in? Of course I don’t want a heart of ice, but letting him in is taking some chipping away. Thank goodness he’s patient.  What if Sharon was right?


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