Sunday 26 January 2020

How to manifest better using gratitude

We get used to things and often forget to appreciate the beauty In our surroundings, our people, our life. This trip to Mexico saw lots of new experiences. At home, we don’t see iguanas 🦎 randomly in their natural habitat. The first time we spotted one of this trip we stopped, open mouthed and reached for the cameras, “there’s an iguana!!” Today, after ten days we saw one and reacted differently, “oh look, he’s a big one, over there on the grass head banging,” and reached for the camera, deciding he’s too far away and we surely will be able to get a better photo with a closer iguana. We are beginning to get used to spotting them and the wonder and excitement is changing. Look at your surroundings at the beauty in your every day life. Aim to see it as if it’s the first time and appreciate how precious it all is. By feeling this vibration, your manifestations will slot into place far easier.

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