Saturday 4 January 2020

I had a birthday (at the Sky Garden)

So, I had a birthday and wow did we have some fun! 

The fam and I took the train into London to experience the Sky Garden “Darwins Brasserie” which was appropriately named for this biology fan
Me and the twins

Later on, down the pub

Fog beginning to clear

My lovely children 

Choosing brunch 

The sky was foggy.  I tried to manifest clear skies, I pretty much succeeded.  
The food was delicious, but the meals came slowly, we didn’t mind as there was so much to see as well as having a good family time chatting and catching up,  

New years eve.  London got busier during our time eating brunch and a buzz filled the air. 

The train was packed as we stood shoulder to shoulder with a neighbour on the way home. 

Relaxing, we prepared to ring in 2020 as we sat on the sofa and the twins showered me with gifts. Blessed. Fun in the pub followed alongside a much more humble sense of occasion that still delivered beautifully. Karaoke was a head-shaking, facepalming event which saw me join in with a Jackie Wilson uplifting crowd-pleaser.  We all had such fun as we danced and sang our way into New year. 

2020, already my favourite year ever.

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