Friday 25 September 2020

Silence please - censorship of the voices

 During my time as an undergraduate student, there were really tough times.

I can't begin to share the stories here with you piece by piece but what I can say is, I had an amazing support network from the team at STAART.

They are the cohort who help with issues around disability and related issues but it goes so much further than this. We become a listening ear for each other and a place to feel free from judgement. Still now, I am in close contact with the STAART members despite graduation. 

Working within this team was amazing. Open days would see wide eyed students coming up to the table with me and other colleagues waiting to answer questions from those with worries on how they would deal with university. 

A newsletter is now lovingly put together from those of us who remain a part of STAART. My opinion is that I am not sure I would have reached graduation without STARRT and the support - and I don't know of another university with this offering. 

Have a read of the inspirational newsletter here where you can see my story Silence Please.

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