Wednesday 25 November 2020

Not a beginners guide to home renovations

In case you didn't know, we had major renovations done on our house this year. Some of it was great fun but that wasn't without its difficult times and challenges!

I'm really considering writing it as a definite tale to be taught. But where I find that time, who knows. Although I'd really appreciate you letting me know if this is the work you would read. It's got a working title of 

Not a beginner's guide to home renovations.

This video was quite the rainy day video. Mid June, roof off and yes, we were so ready to get water tight.  Sadly, some of the materials were delayed as lockdown took a hold of manufacturing and as you imagined, the rain came down.


This is also the day that my books arrived! (read about that here: ) and I was due to sign them all and get them off in the post as all face to face signings were cancelled. 


Then along came the news that we wouldn’t be able to get the kitchen renovated which was a massive disappointment to me. I figured I wouldn’t be seeing very much of the top floor as that room wasn’t my bedroom. I also figured that my bedroom would just get the ceiling made good and that would be it. Gosh – when you look back, it’s astounding! 


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