Thursday 4 February 2021

Naturally phenomenologically thinking...?

Studying phenomenology is proving quite a natural thing for me. Aside from the big words I’m having to learn, somebody once told me that I seem to look for the meaning in absolutely everything. Is this something you do? Because I don’t necessarily think it’s always a bad thing, although maybe it can drive you crazy at times.

Therefore I decided that I need to do more of the things where I go somewhere peaceful and don’t think about things all of the time. 

Watching a bird fly past, 
feeling the sand underneath my feet, 
waves lapping, these are all things I just allowed to happen without thinking too much about the meaning behind it.
But sometimes being somebody that’s trying to morph into a lusher life does need an element of thinking about things sometimes. Let me know if you resonate, and do leave comments in the bottom.


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