Saturday 22 May 2021

Reading blogs to you on Youtube (with captions) kind of like an audio blog?? What do you think?

 In this video we will chat about a new idea I've had.

I'm a big fan of listening to peoples stories on video. Sometimes, reading makes me tired. But also, you might know, I'm also deaf. So, I am thinking of reading you some of my popular short stories, blog posts, and even parts of my books. These videos will be subtitled for Deaf/deaf people and there will be sound for those with visual impairments. what do you think? good idea? What stories would you like to see here? Here's an example of a fiction story I wrote and read but without any visuals: I plan to mostly film me reading them but sometimes (guided visualisations for example) might have a still picture but some captions. This follows on from the amazing comments you guys left me in response to the motivational Monday videos which you can watch here: Is this the end for Motivational Monday?: We are keeping Motivational Mondays:


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