Saturday 25 September 2021

Please don't wish away our seasons.

 Please don’t wish away our seasons.


Evenings are darker, cosy. I’m focused. Lighting candles is cute as pie, but I don’t want summer over.

Why do we post online about ‘feeling autumnal’? 

So we can light pumpkin candles and film a home sense haul?

Next, it will be excitement bundled into soft white fairy lights on top of a decision to ‘real-tree or not to real-tree’. 

January, we speak of the most depressing days, darkness and eager wishing time away moods.  

Finally, crocuses, spring, sunbeams trying hard. We rejoice before heading to the shops for summer wear. My feet long for sand, all-inclusive cobblestones and free towel exchanges on the sunbeds. 

September, school is back, dew on the grass. 

November, frost, fireworks, bonfire-lit faces. 


Our seasons all bring joy. Embrace those moments, for all that they are. 

If we don’t know winter, we can’t know summer, if we don’t know joy, we can’t know sadness. Light and shade, ups and downs. Human experiences are defined by moments of wonder, surprise, newness. 

Let’s not wish away these precious seasons.


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