Tuesday 16 September 2014

All aboard the 7:26 to university

Awake at 4am. Too early. Meditation takes place. Doze for ten minutes.

Up, kettle on, uber quick coffee while making packed lunch for the twins. Vitamins taken. Acidophilus taken. One paracetamol. Hoping that's enough to keep my crohns under control for this very special day. 

Teeth brushing, back pretty bad. Ultra fast yoga session with self.... 2 minutes? Might do it... Works for cats and dogs in the morning. 

Fog. Like I've never seen before. Why did I notice this AFTER I straightened my hair?! Fluffy stuff be gone!

And off I set to catch the train to London. To sign up, enrol and become a university fresher!

It's been a dream not only to graduate with a degree but to help others into health through nutrition. So off I trot to begin my degree as a dietitian. 

Yes, I'm a mature student. Not the most mature by far. In fact I was feeling quite young and sprightly. It's never too late!!

Do you have a dream? 


Changing from one train to the other, it was clear to see I'd arrived in the city of London. 
Silent less, the suited folk walked quickly to their next destination. Steam rose from the rice being freshly cooked at yo! Sushi and desperately, the queue in Pret a Manger panicked without coffee. 

As I board the tube, I remember the war. The shelter that the tube provided. While the streets above were bombed in the blitz. 
Also remembering the videos recently shared on Facebook, one with amazing singing from the cast of the lion king in NYC and the other in China with folk squeezing in the tube in an impossible task. 

Arriving far too early at uni, I forgive the doorman who asks me to sign the guest book. He thinks I'm a speaker. Ok, so I'm dressed more like a speaker than a student. That's ok. 
As the actual, for-real speaker arrives, we get chatting. She's not sure what dietetics is so I explain with "nutrition", a screwed up nose and a nod. 
To my amazement she began to quote Tony Robbins (I call him sir tony) and I jumped in with tales of his alkaline diet. Brilliant! On side, feeling clever. 

Currently trying to not be "too early" by having a university costa! Heavily discounted. Wonderful. 

My day progressed pretty much better than I had expected.  Meeting some awesome people doing the same course as me, with the same passions as me,  with the same beliefs as me.  We shared some amazing conversations.  The one problem arose as we were all discussing the future.

"Yes, it's hard to believe we will be here for the next 5 years." Max announced.

"It's 4.  We are here for 4."  I corrected with total conviction.

"No, definitely 5!" Max exclaimed with passion.

"100% it's 4 years.  I was told on the phone....?" 
I began to question the information I was given.  
My mood changed as I began to worry.  What difference would one year make?  

The financial implications of not earning a full time wage for an extra year.  How could I make 5 years happen?

Immediately I felt myself in a downward spiral.  What if Max was right?  Could I still do it?  Old habits crept into my head.  Negativity.  
I was beaten.
I wouldn't be able to do it. 
I would have to change courses.  Yet, this had been my dream since I was 16.
Changing courses, I would still be able to help people in the same way,  yet I was now in the midset of doing this course, with the credibility that comes with it.

Then I began to realise.............. (hold tight,  this will give you goosebumps).......my day had changed so dramatically in such a short space of time,  immediately after we had just created a vision board.

Oh,  the magic of the vision board.  I had created my board with dreams of what I want from life as well as work as I believe they all work hand in hand.  Perhaps,  just maybe, I had placed my order with the universe and the universe had suggested that I need another direction.  As I began looking at my vision board again,  I guessed this must have been exactly what had happened.  The universe had given me something else to consider, to think about.  And my vibrational energy began to change.  As my energy changed,  so did the answers.  By the time I got home (after my phone battery had run out just as I needed to vent and cry down the phone to my loved ones - just as well as I managed not to cry) I started to make serious moves to get some serious answers.

Sure as eggs is eggs,  I got answers.  The course leader was impressively able to answer my email at 8:50pm and I got the answer that indeed the course was 5 years.  I went to bed with a heavy heart and my laptop,  making plans to look at changing course.  After much investigation, I realised that nothing else would do.  Nothing else mattered than  this course I had wanted to do since I was at school and I was to do everything in my power to ensure I graduated on this course and make the steps towards doing that.

Sleep on it......why do 'they' say that?  Well, it always works,  doesn't it.  So I slept on it and woke determined to get practical,  find answers and go ahead to study for 5 years.

After speaking to all the relevant people.  I was decided.  I could do this and I would do this.

The following day,  my 'note from the universe' (from www.tut.com) said:
"We have heard you Louise and woo hoo we are moving mountains for you to make it happen.

We just hope you weren't kidding."

They are always bang on time and they are always making me smile.

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