Tuesday 10 November 2015

Life! Stop for a minute I want to get off!

Have you ever had those days when you are driving along and your mind races just a bit too much?

Recently, I decided after hearing another piece of sad news on the radio that I needed to take more time for fun.  More time for laughs and relaxation.
More time for friends.
Real people who will pull out all the stops for you no matter what.

A lightbulb appeared above my head and I thought, you know what, I'm going to throw a party!!!

I used to have regular house parties but life got in the way and things have been so hard.  I continued to drive along that day, unable to stop the thoughts of fun, music, cake and jolly times.  It made me happy.  I wanted to stop thinking about work just for a moment.  You see, I get very passionate about my work and throw myself in to the deep end.  That's just me, just how I roll.  Yet it can manifest itself into ways that hurt your physical self.

So I threw a party for Scott as he turned 45.  So many amazing friends arrived,  we danced to the sounds of The Rat Pack and ate gluten free chocolate cakes! Of course there were party poppers for the children to enjoy making piles of streamers out of.

Fun!  We had fun!

Laughter,  we had laughter.  It was amazing.

The meaning of life is JOY.  I needed to remind myself.

Much love

Louise xoxo


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