Sunday 20 December 2015

Christmas week - watch this video of what I've been doing!

How are your Christmas plans and preparations going?

Are you excited?

We are so excited in this house. Christmas eve I am going to have a major cooking session in the kitchen.  I do love to cook.  However,  these days life dictates that we just simply 'throw something in the oven.'  I shall be making a gluten free, vegetarian lasagne with homemade potato salad and coleslaw.  YUM.
My nutrition channel is starting to really take off over on youtube.  I've gained more followers this week than ever before so the only way is up!

I feel 2016 will see a wonderful year for me of making dreams come true and getting life really going in the direction I want to go.  This year hasn't been bad at all but it has been  period of healing for me and massively doing some inner work.  See this post about anxiety here.

With more and more blog sponsorships coming through, I am beginning to realise the dream that my passion can actually become my job too.  Awesome!

This week just gone I have Vlogged my activities and ramblings.  We have seen some amazing things. It is my dream to clock up 500 subscribers on my VLog channel so please please come over and subscribe.  keep up with all my news this way!

Of course I hope to pop back in before the big day but time goes crazy doesn't it! If I don't send you good wishes nearer the day please accept my virtual love through the screen and have the most wonderful Christmas.

Love as always

Louise xoxo


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