Thursday 10 December 2015

My graduation from London Met University in Nutrition

Finally a dream came true.  

I got to wear my gown and mortarboard.  While I'm still waiting for the official photos from the photographer, I thought I would share a little of the news here with you.  

Have you ever graduated?  You will know what a special day it really is.  Feeling very regal and a definite sense of occasion.  The room at the Barbican Centre, London was truly buzzing with both anticipation and excitement.  My classmate sat next to me was really nervous.  Yet all I could feel was pride.

When  I was first offered a place at London met, I remember talking to my year 9 children about Chemistry.  Advising them that I had never learnt chemistry at school.  They gasped in disbelief as I told them this.  Mentioning the periodic table,  I questioned, "What is a periodic table."
More gasps.  "Mum you can't do a science degree if you don't know what the periodic table is!"

True.  They were right.  This was not going to be plain sailing.  

Leaving my first chemistry class almost in tears as the enthusiastic genius Dr who taught us was speaking Spainish to me.  It felt this way.  Thankfully, London Met were so supportive and there were many 'drop in sessions' and lots of additional ways to learn.  I went to every single one!

My final award came through after tears and frustration and I got my Diploma in Health, Psychology, Biology and Chemistry with an overall A.  Proud as punch!

As you can imagine, to graduate among such shining stars and people who really get out there and make a difference to the world was truly an honour.  I was proud to sign up to this University Alumni Association.  I wanted to keep connected.  I was proud to be London Met. 
This year, I continue my route into degree with the BSc (hons) in Human Nutrition.  Yes, more science. Much more! I have moved universities to Greenwich University much closer to home as the journey was such a challenge. I was so sad to leave my friends behind and a university who had shown me such amazing experiences.  
"Maybe you'll come back and teach for us in the future!" The admissions manager suggested.  Well, stranger things have happened.

The future is exciting.  As my children are growing ever more independent, I am thrilled that my career path looks set to kick off once again.  Watch this space! 
As I learn more and more I share over on my Nutrition blog for those who would like to see health improve.  It truly is a dream to get out and help people to eat better and take care of themselves holistically.  

Much love, 

Louise xoxo 

Getting ready

I want one of those (PhD)


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