Tuesday 5 January 2016

I'm changing things with blogging - you can too!

Do you want to change things with blogging?

I've already wished you all a happy new year.  But how is your 2016 going so far?  Do you have a feeling this year will be all you wished for?

If not, why not?

Likelihood is,  you aren't taking the action steps needed to get into the flow and create the belief that you need and want to make your 'dreams come true.'

You know me.  For years now I have been learning little nuggets of information:
* Being blown away with the information

* Deciding to store that knowledge away in my headspace

* Share it here with you guys

* Little by little allowing it to change my beliefs.

The Law of Attraction is a funny ol' thing.  It's almost like a staircase.  You go up the first step and then onto the next.  The book "The Secret" may have you believing you just 'jump' straight to the top.  Yet I know through experience that it definitely is a journey.  And this is the great part!

Initial euphoria of thinking 'wow I can do anything' has settled down (taking a few years though) and now I am left with the true inner peace and knowing that all I have learnt these past few years have brought me to this place of finally believing.

Suddenly I can see people all around me doing what I would love to be doing as my living.  People who are making a difference and making a living doing it.  You've heard this so many times through loads of 'woo woo' stuff and even subscribed to the newsletters.  Yes, me too.  This is definitely not a criticism.

Yet the 'click' or the Aha moment as Oprah calls it has happened for me very recently.

How? What happened?

I found a group of like minded people quite by accident and I listened to what they were speaking about.  They had a mentor who was talking basic lingo.  Giving them practical steps to take.  Leading them to a place that with hard work and dedication they could too make their living making a difference.
No mention of meditation or visualisation (I DO still believe in all that, totally).  This was refreshing.

I naturally visualise and meditate every day now.  Perhaps we have to learn that first before we can take action on those steps.  Now, don't get me wrong, I thought I was taking action.  But it wasn't with that determined 'knowing' that Tony Robbins speaks of.

So what changed?  I joined a FREE Facebook group full of like minded people who were showing me what they were doing.  None of them bragged, or talked figures, yet I could tell by the interest they were getting in their blogs that they were where I want to be in three years time.
From there, I learnt lots.  Then I decided to invest in myself.
Already, I have learnt so much more about Keywords, driving traffic, using social media (and I thought I already knew a lot).  I'd realised that now is the time to make this investment in myself and my future business.

Skyrocketing at a speed I could never have achieved without this new knowledge, I'm thrilled and excited for the future.

Why do I want this?  Please subscribe to my blog to find out my story next time and why I HAVE to make it work.  Without question.

Wishing you much love as you head into your dream year of 2016.

Louise xoxo


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