Monday 18 January 2016

Photo shoot in London

GCSE time in our house.  This means many things!

"Mum I need to get this.  Mum can we go there."

Recently, to my delight, Nathan told me he needed photos in London.

St pancras

I love London.  I love Photography.  We took the tripod,  both DSLR cameras and set off on the train for the short journey into London.

Getting arty with sharp lines!

Eros, Picadilly Square

Man it was so so cold.  We had to stop and shoot, then walk fast to get the blood pumping to warm us up.  Stand and shoot again.  Yet it was fun.  I had to remember this was Nathans project and I must let him see the things and how to adjust the camera to get that shot.

Picadilly Circus

The Mall, leading to Buckingham Palace

While he was busy setting up the camera angles, settings and focus, I would take a similar shot just on my iPhone.  These I share with you here.  


Typical Usher photograph

Buckingham Palace statues

If I am lucky enough I may be able to get my hands on those photos he has taken and share them with you here.  Just to show that the image in front of you is one thing, using the technology to make it even more beautiful is another.

I love the fact that we are all now budding photographers these days.  Prior to having our phones as cameras, pictures were becoming a thing of the past.

Do you love surfing and nosing everyones photos?

I sure do!

The sun catching the London Eye and Big ben

The Queens home at sunset

Typical london. Red phone box and Big ben

As the light began to fade, we saw the start of the Golden Hour.  A time where typically you see photographers setting up the best shots.

The London Eye and River Thames

Creepy or Fun?

My son taking his photos
Super proud of my children.  They turn 16 soon.  I simply cannot believe where that time has gone.  We are going to have a lot of fun celebrating their birthday. Lots and lots more photos to come for those ones.  Make sure you hop back to check those out!

Meanwhile sending much love as always

Louise xoxo

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