Monday 6 June 2016

What to do when manifestations 'don't work'

Have you ever given a manifestation everything you've got?

Tried your hardest to bring it into fruition.  Yet without the negative desperation that you know will stop it from working.  Despite all of these amazing tactics you put into place, the manifestation doesn't happen.

What then?


Give up hope?

Ok so here is what is happening precisely.  

When your manifestation doesn't come into play, you must TRUST that it is for the better of your higher self.  What does that mean?  
It means this may not be the right time for you, or something better is waiting.  In the form of what, you might not be able to see right away.

But let go and trust it you must.  Without this trust, you will be blocking the universe at work with the law of attraction.

To make this clear, I will now tell you all about my recent wish and manifestation. 

I was acting as if, meditating, staying calm, putting people and things into place to allow this massive manifestation.  I wasn't asking HOW although there was a slight air about me of I couldn't quite see how but I did leave it up to 'them' in the universe.  

Then a big fat NO came my way and those nearest and dearest looked to me, expecting tears, upset or a heavy heart.  However, I walked away (from buying a huge house in the countryside with huge amounts of bedrooms and plenty of space with trees) with a smile on my face.  I knew with all my heart that something better was waiting for me.  Something money can't buy.  Something that will make a difference.

Now the synchrony is happening thick and fast and I'm heading to a wonderful place with my family beside me.  Going to a place of joy.

I wish I could write this blog post bluntly and tell you what's about to happen.  Yet I must wait.

Oh I do this to you guys way too often.  I'm sorry!

Go ahead, ask me for help in manifesting your wishes and dreams.

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

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