Tuesday 26 July 2016

Even more clarity than ever before - how to get it!

Hello Everyone

Let's get really deep and nitty gritty.  Are you ok with that?  Stay with me, this is important.  Now sometimes when I write on subjects like this I feel it is being channelled from somewhere bigger than me.  Which means that on occasions, it can be deeper than my mind would usually work.  So stay with me, ok? 

This is important.

Yesterday,  for the biggest time ever I felt total clarity.  I want to share with you how and when it may happen for you.

So many spiritual gurus go through a journey which is sometimes tricky to make sense of.  I will tell you why.

Spirit is housed inside this human body right?  You know that.  We are here as spirit having a human experience.  Now I believe this with every part of me.  Since I lost my Dad I have more than believed it, I have Known it with a capital K.
Ego is the part that we think with.  This confuses us.  Certainly confuses me anyhow!

Within my heart (and yours) we have a knowing of what life we would love.  It's a gut feeling.  Something inside.  Right?  Tell me you have felt this.  Then we shake our head in disbelief and tell ourselves, "No."  Why do we do that?  Because our dream life is almost too good to imagine.  

Literally, as I write this email, this "Note from the universe" popped through:

It takes a BIG person, Louise, to accept full responsibility for their own happiness. 

It takes an even bigger person to accept full responsibility for their own unhappiness. 

But, Louise, it takes a spiritual giant who, upon realizing any degree of unhappiness, decides to be the change they seek, in spite of having to endure the "same old, same old" that may still linger on for awhile. 


    The Universe

What about that?  Exactly what I'm talking about here.  Maybe those words resonated with you and you are there nodding along in agreement. 

For absolute years now I have been studying how to get clarity in life.  How are we supposed to know what our job should be here on this earth?

Reading over and over about going back to childhood.  
What did you enjoy doing as a child?
What would you do if money didn't matter?  (That is likely what you were doing as a child if you had no bills to worry about)
What is the thing that really makes your heart sing?
What could you do all day long without getting bored?

The list goes on....

Writing time and again on this blog of how writing was always my childhood thing (did you see the blog post about how I rewrote Grease?) and how I didn't tire of writing sweet letters to my Grandparents.  I would quietly sit in my tiny bedroom at home listening to a mono record player and burning an oil lamp.  Still now, music and candles are very much a part of me.  Without these things I simply don't feel complete. 
My beautiful friend Stacey and my big hearted other half Scott listen to me over and over repeating the same things again and again on how much I want to write.

So write I do.  Yes, in full 'living my dreams' and 'living on purpose' I sit and write.  All the while, that ego is tapping away inside my head saying, "What will people learn from you?  What do you know?  What can you share?  What can you write about that will be a job? What knowledge do you have to share?"  
The answers are usually something uber practical.  Something people can actually get a hold of and do something with.  Like cooking.  For example...
Yet I really would love to write about love.  Life.  Dreams.  Wishes. Hearts desires. Life. Did I mention life?

Spending time yesterday with the twins at Thorpe Park, I was sitting writing the day away while looking at my stats.  Not only could I not access my nutrition website, but I began to notice that all the things I am doing with passion, are the biggest audience already!

Hang on, lets say that again.  I already have the audience.  

Really?!! So, I have been over thinking this massively.  You guys who read this blog, and those who watch my Youtube channel are my biggest audience.  So, why?

Not only have I been 'rambling' for years on both those outlets, but I have been fairly consistent (I could be more consistent) and I have created with passion.  So how come I hadn't realised before that this could absolutely be my future?

Bad backs and anxiety have me kind of wanting to do this more than ever and knowing that I absolutely and definitely could has filled me with total joy.

So within this blog and website I will share more with you on how you can gain clarity and live your life on purpose but I will bet my bile duct (a quote from Cocktail, the movie) you already know what it is.  Your ego is getting in the way of you listening properly!

I wish you much love and clarity

Louise xoxo

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