Monday 18 July 2016

Clean 9 detox day 9 and final weigh in

March 31st

Day 9

Tomorrow morning I weigh to see what I’m at.  

Starting off in the mornings, this is what I need to keep it like for like.  I’ll measure then too.  Exciting!

Will I fit into the bikini?  How will that be?  How will I look in my final ‘after’ picture?  

Tempted really not to eat.  But I know that’s not the way it works!

Lisa text me bless her, overly excited.


Got to love her support! She’s been great.  I felt so ready to get on and do this.  Today, I have felt a little overwhelmed.  So super busy and just a little too much to get done.  Food was pretty low down on the list.  When I finally got to eat it was gone 9pm and I just had a salmon steak and some spinach.  I added some butter in the mix as a treat as it was such a small meal.  

Looking in the mirror, I look noticeably smaller! I’m chuffed to bits and I could keep on going with this plan to be honest!  

There is a follow up plan which I may do after I return from holidays.  It’s pretty similar really.  Meanwhile it’s time to get my beauty sleep and get ready for the final weigh in tomorrow morning!

Wednesday April 1st

Final Weigh in!

11.8 1/2

7lb off!!!!!!

8” off!!

Words cannot explain how elated I feel today.

Ok, ok, so people lose more than me at times.  Men can lose about a stone, I hear.  Although there wasn’t masses to lose for me and I already eat fairly healthily.  So I am definitely not going to complain about losing half a stone!  Wow.  In just a few days.

It was easy really.  I needed to keep a focus but yes, it was pretty easy.

So, I have decided that within my area of expertise as a nutritionist, I want to help pass this knowledge on.

My biggest thing I have noticed is I have amazingly clear skin.  Looking hydrated too!  I have caught up on sleep which was availing me through over thinking things and stress too.  Of course all of this puts a stress on the adrenal glands.  I’m never sure with  programmes like this if it is what is going in the body and a lack of eating junk that makes the difference.  I’m pretty sure it is.  Of course there is no substitute for  a healthy, balanced diet and to eat organically will definitely be of help to many. 

Feeling totally motivated, I really want to help others on their own path to losing weight and getting fitter and healthier.  I know this is a strength of mine and I really want to spread the word to the masses! “You can do this!!!” I want to scream out.

My journey is definitely not over and I want to remain focused as I wear that bikini next week! Upon my return I will start again with the next programme.

What would I change? I feel I should have eaten more at meal times. My calories were a little too low and I felt sleepy after eating.  Next time I will be filling up more on vegetables too.  Organic of course.

My confidence has gone up so much now. I’ve stopped making sure my jumper is pulled right down and all that stuff.  I can remember how I felt when I was just 9stone 3…….perhaps I would still be there if someone didn’t crush my confidence by telling me I should lose weight.  Lesson to myself there:  Be happy and stay happy whatever others say.  

Righto,  I’m off to the beach, in my non-small bikini to enjoy myself, sip a PiƱa Colada or two and dream of the future.  Feeling fit, full, healthy and happy.  I wish you the very best of health and I would love you to keep in touch through all the ways you can!

As always, much love

Louise xoxox


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