Wednesday 15 February 2017


Waiting for physio therapy. The smell of stale cigarettes fills the waiting room. Then I sense the smell of cannabis. Who knows that Patients story. Maybe it's medicinal. 

Either way,  I don't like the smell. 
Moreover, I wonder if I waste my time as I sit with around 12 needles in the muscle that gives me such pain.  Then I remember the dread yesterday as I saw my friend heading for the massive line of steps at uni. I can climb them but it hurts. Today my butt cheeks ache. So I remember yes, goto the physio. Let him do his thing with the acupuncture. 

Test tubes surrounded us in the lab this morning as I found my way around to getting on and experimenting.  Having been the only idiot who answered the head of department when he asked who has read the protocol (with the wrong experiment), I felt ok about the day ahead.  Despite my pain, despite the poorly people at home.  I was there, in class.
Unable to stand for long, I felt the acupuncture may do some good.

Yet it has been weeks now and I feel unconvinced that this is the right thing needed for this muscle wastage.  Perhaps this muscle needs working at the gym.  Perhaps the gut needs working on with Chicken Soup.  Helps absorbance of protein.  What is going on here?  I do not want to be this person who is unable to do the things I want to do.  So once again I suffer the needles, unable to stay awake at the duration.  Unable to feel the benefit until the next day.

Positive steps in the right direction are surely what is going to help me beat this crohns and muscle atrophy?  Let's see...

Much love

Louise xoxo


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