Friday 2 February 2018

How I reacted upon discovering the law of attraction.

When I first heard about the law of attraction, it was one of those times when you can remember where you where, when it was...almost like many big world events such as 911 or when Band Aid was on.  

The feeling, the emotion, the pictures in my mind still of the carpet I was standing on.  
All of this was a game changer.

My life is now unrecognisable from the single mother striving to make ends meet....

Here is how the story goes: 

Shaking my head in disbelief I asked, 
“So what you just imagine you are that weight and you are that weight?”

“You’ve not heard of the secret? Where have you been hiding?” My client asked in a rather rude manner.  She and I were both at loggerheads at this point in time.  Yet basically she was pointing me to the book, The Secret. For the first time in my life (which feels incredible now) alerting me to the fact that I am in control of my own destination by the use of my beliefs.

Of course I immediately read the Secret within the next few days. 
Not understanding it, I left the frown on my face as I began to ponder what this might possibly be about.

As a child, it was always my responsibility to try and guess if I was loved or not.  No hugs or kisses, no encouragement or telling me how amazing I am.  When I cried I was the subject of the jokes,  “She will make a great actress!”
No, actually, I was upset. 
I needed love. 
Positivity escaped my parents.  Constant tales of, ‘we can’t afford this/who do you think we are Rothschild?/money doesn’t grow on trees’

Glass half empty. 

Growing up in total fear of how hard life was, I found myself turning to determination to actually be ok.  Leaving school and leaving behind my dream of becoming a dietitian as the advisor said,
“There are so few jobs as a dietitian.” So off I went to train as a catering manager.  Blinking good one I ended up too.  All the while being conscious of how hard I had to work in order to pay the bills.  Working was all I thought about.  For the entire duration of my 20s.  Never would I put my feet up, despite my body screaming at me to do just that.  Christmas week I could easily clock up 90 hours.  Yet a good manager, an operations manager, at the age of 27 in control of 700 staff.   Exhausted.

Suddenly hearing that life doesn’t need to be this way was so confusing for me.  It took a long time to reach this amazing place where I am now (that even writing this and reminding me of the person I used to be in the dark world) is so bizarre. 

Realising there might be something in this; I tried to understand the law of attraction.  I watched the DVD.  That gave me goosebumps and ‘aha’ moments. 

More and more and more I began to watch YouTube videos of those who I now know and love, Wayne Dyer, Sonia Choquette, Abraham hicks, Jack Canfield.  Over and over I was amazed at what I began to learn.  Could this actually be a thing?  As a keen researcher, I looked over and over the evidence.  Blood cells changing with words and thought – the microscope wasn’t lying – I could see this video unfolding into what I might only describe as a miracle.
Much effort went into not being angry with my parents.  How could I not know this?  How could anyone not?

Little by little yet quickly, I began to find a new belief which was more than life changing.  Setting intentions, visualizing, meditating – which was a game changer for me.  Becoming part of  the 100-day reality challenge (, I wrote my intentions on the group boards.  Seeming like a big ask and wish I had to take a deep breath and use faith.  All the while going against everything I had been taught to believe as a child.

Wanting to travel,  I stated on the 100 day challenge that I wanted to fly somewhere amazing every 6 weeks.  Feeling those old thoughts of, ‘things like that are not for people like us’ creeping in, I tried to use the methods I had been learning and begin to trust the universe. 
Within two weeks I had secured a new contract as a business consultant with enough money written into the contract that I would definitely be able to afford my travels every six weeks.  This contract didn’t mean endless hours of toil and going into work for long hours. 
One day per week. 
One long and challenging day but one day. 
It was enough.
I was earning more within that one day than I used to earn in an entire two weeks in the past job.   Loving my new life, I must be honest and tell you it was exhilarating although a little confusing.  Beginning to struggle with my relationship with my parents for not giving me this chance sooner, I tried hard to be forgiving.  Eventually accepting they are different to me and that was simply how it was.

Friendship circles changed.  This is clear as day for me to now see that it’s a good thing.  Around me now are people with clear beliefs of the Law of attraction and all it has to offer.  I love this!
My language is so different now, my life is unrecognizable.

One Christmas after discovering the law of attraction and still not quite believing it, I was enjoying my neighbours company snugged up on the sofa, “What are you doing tomorrow?” She asked
Making some funny disbelief face I replied, “Off to look at a car.  It’s £20,000!” I rolled my eyes.  The rolling of the eyes demonstrated I wasn’t quite ‘there yet’ but nevertheless I went and looked.  For the first time stepping into a car showroom.  It was stunning.  Just as the Secret showed, I sat in the car, felt the steering wheel, took photographs and put them as my profile picture. 

For some reason I didn’t buy that car.  I bought something more flash.  Smaller.  Same price pretty much.  That was 7 years ago now.  Yet still, a smile appears across my face as I realise the magic in me going to collect the very same make and model car today.  All affordable now and very practical for my life of travel and all. 
The friend I told that Christmas has had to be lovingly waved goodbye.  As a person not understanding of my wishes and dreams, things became a little nasty and without wanting to respond or allow that behavior into my space, I needed to let go of her from my life.  Perhaps this was manifesting how I felt people might perceive the new ‘achieving’ me. It’s happened.  You see, I do believe the law of attraction comes with a few struggles which  again demonstrates the power of the mind. 
Instant manifestations come in the simple forms right now, I’m still working on the big stuff to show up instantly.  But it comes.  It just takes time.

Where I am at now is difficult to list without  sounding  like I’m bragging but for me it’s important to show how someone just like me can turn life around.  I’m happy now.  I believe now.  I’m enlightened. 
More than just money and things, I love living in the knowledge that our loved ones who have passed are having a great time in their home.  Peace of mind in knowing everything will be alright is simply priceless.  Although I do believe the law of attraction knowledge comes with some considerable responsibility.  My job now is creating blogs and YouTube videos helping others who were just like me to accept they can change things yet it’s not always as easy for some when they are changing mindset.  Rubbing the genies lamp will only work if you allow it.  My journey has had many blocks which needed unshifting.  Helping  others to see those blocks are there but we need to work around it to create the dream life and to be able to be who we want to be is a total dream.

More and more travel is planned.  My books are gaining popularity as I have dug deep within to realize the life of hard work and toil isn’t what I dreamed of as a child.  Writing since the early ages and being ‘that thing’ that I could do all day long is now my job!  A researcher in human nutrition has shown me how the science world has not quite caught up with my beliefs yet but it does see me on my way to a PhD in creative non-fiction writing as I continue to tell others their worth through my writing.   My story of health through nutrition is quite amazing as I showed the doctors I didn’t need medication or surgery for my Crohns disease as they suggested I did.  We are on the way to being financially free and this year sees a third retreat added to my portfolio in the beautiful Cornwall. 

Life is exciting.  I love being so happy.  Yet it’s been a journey.  It still is a journey. 

For those struggling with certain elements of the law of attraction, I understand.  These things take time and effort.  All in a good way.  And good things do happen, sometimes your belief sees you waiting a little while!

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