Monday 26 February 2018

You asked for more law of attraction stories

Ok folks, you spoke.  I have been tuning in far more on the little stories of law of attraction that I am going to show you right here in this post.

Many have asked me to speak more of the LOA here and on my Youtube channel so that's what I will do.

Right now there is some pretty MASSIVE stuff going on in my life. All more than good.
Suffice to say I haven't felt so good in literally years.  So much so that I couldn't sleep last night which is unheard of for me.  What about you? Do you lie awake in utter excitement for life and what it is bringing to you right about now? That was me last night,  Anyhow... most of this good stuff isn't the type of news I can share yet.  Secretly though, I hate when you tubers and bloggers do the whole secret squirrel thing so please ignore that I said that :)

Basil Brush was the feature of my latest manifestation.  You see my second oldest friend has been unwell.  Feeling a need to check on her far more than I should I sent a text.  She replied,
"I'm ok, I'm snuggled up with Basil Brush." Obviously I was perplexed and simply had to ask the story behind Basil Brush.  Now, she is daft as a brush and there is totally no reason for me to share with you the story. Just store away the Basil Brush image.

Following this, a night later (last night) Jas and Lewis were just about to go out.
"Bye bye Basil Brush." Lewis called out 100% randomly.
My shocked face, with the widest eyes and open mouth (Why am I still shocked after the copious amounts of times this happens?) Jas looked and said, 'what was that mum?' knowing it would be a manifestation.  Telling the story of my friend and the text, I showed her the photo.  Now, what on earth has this got to do with anything?  Totally nothing.  Yet the relevance comes as we begin to align with the big stuff.  Should a wee element of doubt creep into the mind, the reminders come in with these little stories to remind us of the alignment.

Have faith.  Trust it.  It's all coming for you.

And me I sense too...

Much love, as always

Louise xoxo

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