Saturday 11 August 2018

What to do when you think you have it all figured out.

Have you ever felt like you are cruising through life and perhaps you even took forever to figure out where you need to be going and what you need to be doing and a big old curveball came as you were flowing downstream and knocked you into a totally different direction?

That was a long sentence to read so take a deep breath.  Did that sound familiar?
Yes me too.  Here's the story.

I was cruising through life (haha!) like pretty much everyone with twists and turns coming along and it all being a bit too much.  For me, there has been a lot of inner work going on as you will know if you are a follower of this blog.  Then I finally listened to all the signs that were guiding me and it has become clear.  Starting to work hard on my new direction of writing full time, figuring out my schedule and just like that <Boom> everything changed.

Yesterday I was enjoying a business meeting and a meal when I took a call to let me know my mother had fallen over in the garden after slipping on wet decking.  Darn stuff is so dangerous.  We already added non slip stepping stones but she wouldn't use them.  Mother has dementia and heart failure.  My back was turned and now I'm full of guilt.  She has multiple injuries and this is hurting me almost as much as her.  The guilt is horrid.  Yet what do you do?  You need to provide for a family of 4 as the breadwinner yet everyone needs a piece of you too. 

You know I took my business online and I'm very fortunate to be able to work at a level where my income can be generated online but this isn't a quick fix and still needs some time and attention.  Thank god for the digital age.  

Many people ask me (it's my biggest question) "How do you earn money online?" I'm so lucky to be able to answer them but moreover I get rewarded by those who are unable to get out to work due to family commitments or their own health.  I love seeing people take the opportunities offered to us in this century of working from their laptops when otherwise they wouldn't be able to work.

Yet still, these curveballs come along.  So how do you manage?  

Go with the gut.  What feels right at that time?  For instance, I know I need to be at home more right now caring for mum so we need to ensure the finances stack up for a few days of taking it easier with work.  Perhaps you can sort a schedule around your childrens bedtimes.  
You may be a person, like me, with an illness which sometimes needs your attention.  If this is the case, rest when you need to and when you are feeling better or motivated then get to work.

Do you really need to dust the lights?

Can you either get some help for the stuff which needs doing within the house or can you leave it?  I have learnt to deal with the frustrations of having a slightly more messy house for the sake of us having the success I want.  What's important?  Think about taking a couple of hours off from work then decide what really needs doing. A few bits of washing, some cooking, or going out with the family and creating some memories.

My next blog post will see some ideas for you to get working online.

Whatever you do, remember the law of attraction is always in action and the best way forward is positivity in the face of adversity.  While sometimes, we need to realise we are human beings and life gets in the way of 100% positivity 100% of the time. 

When it does, don't be hard on yourself.  You're only human.

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