Monday 24 September 2018

Working as a digital expert

I woke with a need to get clearer.  Honestly, life can't be as tough as I am making it. This is for sure.  First things first, these nails need to go. Typing with talons is not working for me.  Yet they are so weak and break at the slightest knock argh.  Ok, slowly slowly catchy monkey.

What exactly do I need?  I think I need more energy to do the things I want to do with my work. I definitely need more exercise to help with this painful back which has been really bad of late.
There is a need in me to earn a little more money and I sense I know how that is going to come. I want to really help those who have no choice but to work online.  This digital age is so definitely the way forward and so many of us are now able to create a business by fitting it into the hours we want to by stepping things up a gear and getting things done as and when we can and want to.  Some people want something so flexible so they can travel, others due to family life and wanting to be there for their children.  I was so lucky I didn't miss anything with my children. Although there was 1 night each week when they stayed at mum and dads and I took myself dancing.  Which was fab for all concerned.  
Of course then there are those who will struggle with working the regular 9-5 due to health. I definitely couldn't do it anymore. I know this. When i try to do one day at 'a job' which involves being with people face to face, walking around, climbing stairs, trying to find something for lunch, it's all simply too much and takes me about 3 days to get over it. This said, when I work from home, my energy is boundless and I can keep going on until I drop.  Kind of.  Sometimes. But it's doable, that's the point I'm making.

With mum in the mix, I feel my mind is constantly thinking, is she ok? what might she need? is today the day I'm safe to travel to london? Will the kids be able to deal with something if it happens? Can I be present in my kitchen to do some pottering or is she going to have those set hours to get her tea? All these things go around and around.  It is exhausting. Although I wouldn't have her anywhere else. 

Waiting for the time to be right to start mentoring people who need to sell their products online is something that is likely to be similar to "How long is a piece of string?" in that, it'll never happen.

Now is very likely to be the time when I need to grab the bull by the horns and do what I know I am good at, and begin to promote these things. 

So, how do I think I can do this?
Deciding on those businesses I want to be a part of is a good start.  Signing up and doing all that goes with that to begin with and to let my current following know of opportunities that are out there for them too.  

Sidenote: this is the most precious morning here as I sip my coffee and my dog is snuggled up against me, bless him. Snoring and a little smelly.  I just adore these moments.

Loving my laptop lifestyle today

Right, so touching base with my business every day and getting it automated as much as possible will help.  Creating a database of people who I can send emails to once a week with a newsletter and story type of theme catching them up with all that is news in the digital marketing world.  
So, like, my passion is writing and I need to work harder and smarter to get my books out there into the hands of people who will love them.  Ok, so amazon is an incredible platform YES, but the sales won't happen unless you point people in that direction through other mediums too.  And this is where I can come in, this is where I can help people.  

If they want to sell their own products, they can. If they want to be part of an affiliate marketing scheme, they can, should they want to grow their own team online, I will coach them to do this too.  It's all possible and it's all achievable with big results and in a really positive way. Without cheesing off your friends in the meantime.  These are ways which have given MLM a bad name and there is no need to rely on family and friends to do such things.  Instead, there is a definite way forward using the leverage and power of the internet.  The internet is massive enough for us all.  Digital is definitely the way forward. 

Right, time to do my much needed stretches to deal with this terrible Ankylosing Spondylitis and then definitely need to get these nails done....hmm, which colour?

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