Thursday 27 December 2018

Focus at this time of year?

Recently, someone with a kind heart reminded me to keep a focus on this blog.

Which of course, is right.  I have never made any secret of the fact this is my total passion and I could blog every day of my life, happily.  Joyously.

On top of the editing that goes alongside Youtube, such activities can be totally overwhelming if you are aiming to just live the normal life too.

Christmas focus

Do you find yourself struggling at Christmas? 
So much to juggle.  

The decorations, keeping the family happy, the food shopping, gifts, money, as well as work.  The list goes on.

Can I let you into a bit of a confession?
I was not feeling at all like Christmas this year! Which is so unlike me.  Finally I am there.  Although I have mountains of work to get through and I'm feeling that bit of a cold thing that everyone seems to have.  That aside, my social calendar has never been so full as this year and the music, dance, smiles and people I'm mixing with are giving me smiles which last for days.  Never have I felt so alive at Christmas.

However, trying to focus on all that needs to be taken care of is close to impossible.  We take on too much perhaps?
How can we make this a positive?

See this giving season as exactly that. Giving to others. Creating a nice time for them. 

Around and around you will see the rewards coming your way for all that you want to embrace as we head into the new year.

Sending hugs to all of you who might need them at this time of reflection. As we head into the new year we are all always full of 'I'm going to leave behind in 2018....' (fill in the blank) and '2019 is going to be full of....'

But let's do the new year post all by itself really soon?  

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