Monday 14 January 2019

How do you know if this is the right job for you?

Just occasionally, we get this feeling where we feel a little,
     “Ugh, I really don’t want to do that/can’t be bothered”

Then other times we feel,
     “OH goodness this is incredible, I could do this all day/totally loving this”

So how do you know well enough to recognize these things?  I addressed that in todays Motivational Monday video. 

Last week I was working on some exciting things.  Two of them left my stomach lurching and I knew I didn’t want to progress with this. One other project got me so so excited and I was totally buzzing with the progression of the work.

How do you know?

1.     Tap into how it is making you think as you begin to talk about it or think about it.
2.     Does the conversation in your head have you thinking you are less than keen?
3.     Is there a kind of lurching in your stomach at the thought of carrying through this task or job?
4.     Do you feel more than excited at the prospect of this ‘thing’ coming into fruition
5.     Are you giving this project your all?

Does this make sense to you are resonate? Perhaps you literally needed it spelt out and are now nodding along thinking ‘ahh yes’

My belief is these things are important in the big scheme of life. Contributing to your health and wellness as well as life excitements. 

As always, much love

Louise xoxo


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