Wednesday 25 March 2020

Our last dance weekend ever?

Half of us took the decision to goto Camber just as there was talk about the spread of corona virus 🦠 covid-19. Nathan, Reece and I arrived at the chalet and had a silly, quiet time before heading to the pub. At the pub, it was unusually empty. We had a couple of drinks. Then I was feeling unwell with a cough. Everyone was worried about being near me Of course. So I began to feel very uncomfortable. 

Three dances were all I could manage before an early night. As I woke before dawn, I felt it was time to head home. I slept until Sunday evening. Then Nathan and I headed back for the final evening. The very next day, we were told dance is closing for the foreseeable future due to the need for social distancing to help stop the spread of the virus. 

The right decision I feel. Will we ever dance again???

Right now, as I heal from pneumonia I’m glad of the break.

See the video here
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