Monday 16 March 2020

Why I gave up on dance

Giving up dancing

If you know me, you know I love to dance.

This weekend is Camber, one of the biggest social events in our dance calendar.  So much fun, local to where we dance, full of great friends, music and dancing; we love it.  This one today sees me share with my son, his friend and two other dancer ladies.  

Recently, for me, some health issues have given me food for thought. Stuck between “yolo” and “listen to your body” which is a true tug of war in my mind. I’m a believer in loving and living to the fullest where possible but of course, right now we need to be sensible. This world is in trouble isn’t it.  Even those of us with solidarity of , “its just like a flu” are now beginning to question that hypothesis.  

A huge debate carried on via a Facebook event group before this weekend.  I can see the for and against. But I did not expect what I got when we arrived.  The organisers have worked tirelessly to do the right thing at the event and I can see their efforts were appreciated by many of us. 
Despite my horrific cough being checked by three paramedics, two drs  and confirmed it’s not coronavirus, being at an event like this feels wrong.  It’s time for me to go home.

This is a time when we are all beginning to realise the importance of putting health first and perhaps changing our views on life slightly. For me, with my current ‘things’ being checked, I feel very blessed to be calmly looking at the best way to make life work in the most positive way for me and those around me.  A sobering thought but knowing I need to keep my online work focused is wonderful.  It’s a place I love to be anyway with my work and super blessed.

Paradigm shift is what one of my clinical worker friends called it. She’s quite right.  Things feel different. i was worried I would be home alone and thinking of all the fun I am missing out on (and being very focused on living my Lusher Life usually) I feel oddly sensible about taking things a little easy for now. 

So, watch this space for more news of writing and other online things I can be doing at this time of respecting my health and those around me which I guess we all should be doing right now. 

With much love and well wishes to you

Louise xoxo

My medical friend sent me this:


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