Sunday 31 January 2021

My IVF twins 21st Birthday in lockdown

21 years ago my twins were born. We could have never imagined there would be no parties! So I planned the best I could thanks to amazon! And you can see my preparation video here: We actually ended up having a wonderful day, filled with joy, pride and total love. I am so proud of the people they have become... They are the muse to my upcoming book Happiness In Vitro (see an extract here:) I was only half awake due to the morphine when they got me in a wheelchair to move me from the delivery suite to the ward. A state of confusion and concern, I tried to look behind me to see where my babies were, like a mother to ducklings. But the operation caused too much pain for that level of movement. The midwife assured me they were being wheeled behind me in their cot and soon after, we were all taken to a bed by the window in a ward which smelt like the other new mums had been outside, smoking. The midwives moved quickly, and my drug-induced state lost track of what was going on. But the babies were by the window, on the left of my bed, and so was all of our stuff. Dumped on the visitor's chair in a mess. Bags were in the seat, on the floor, on the back of the chair and the windowsill. The disorganised sight brought tears to my eyes and I knew I needed some help. A small bag of 10p pieces was somewhere in a plastic money bag which I’d saved from my last job when I left six months previously. the pregnancy magazines advised packing your change for making phone calls, back in 1999. The staff brought me the payphone and plugged it into the line next to my bed so I could phone Mum and Dad. My inaudible sounds left a tearful, sobbing message on their answerphone, asking for help. I didn’t know where they were and stopped even thinking about it the instant I hung up the phone. I winced and cradled my stomach as I began trying to move the cot aside so I could reach the big bag with all of our important things in it. I had to organise this chaos, pain or no pain. I zipped open the blue sports bag and noticed an envelope, with my name written on it, on top of our things, in neat handwriting which looked like it was from a girl. I sat quietly and opened it. He had put it there the night before when he came to see the babies. It was from Jen.... Did she have no limits?

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