Monday 6 December 2021

How to feel less sad this Christmas

 Sometimes, things happen and you feel sad about it.

No doubt you know this is a part of life and that it's 'just one of those things' but how can you stop yourself from feeling so sad about it?

This Christmas, I am going through some 'empty nest' upsets. This year has changed so much this year, and I feel as though I don't even recognize myself right now. It's a very confusing time. My son won't be around the table this year for Christmas lunch and I can't help but think of it as the end of an era. Although, when he and his twin sister were little, I would lay in bed at night, with palpitations, grown from panic. What if something happened to me? How long would it be before someone knew? Would they starve? Would they be ok in dirty nappies? I used to panic so badly, that I ended up being tested for heart issues on three occasions in the emergency room. It was worry. So, I used to pray. "Please let me see them grow up." To be sad now, that he has grown up and flown the nest, seems contradictory. Instead, I will be glad of the times I do see him this Christmas, and be glad that my prayers were answered. I wish you a season of as little sadness as possible and I hope for some moments of joy for you too. 

Much love

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