Saturday 30 July 2022

DéjàVu: From behind the mask is PUBLISHED

 I am so excited to share the latest news with you.

You LOVED Covid-19: How it made us feel when it was shared with the world back in 2020. We hit bestseller status and I was loving my life beyond measure.

Me and my fellow writers found it therapeutic to share our thoughts with the world at that time and I truly wanted to get another book out there. In the meantime, I have been honing my phenomenology skills, which is a study of the lived human experience, and how to interpret it. That's called hermeneutics. But that doesn't matter. What I can now tell you is that there is a very different feel to the second book

During our first lockdown, we seemed to have an element of joy around doing things differently. We rejoiced in catching up with our lives and ourselves. During the capture of the second (kindle version, click here) lot of stories, there were tragedies and a sense of gloom as families began to become divided. 

What was the difference? The weather wasn't as good. We were given more rules to follow, so perhaps the joy of living life on our terms was now being changed, as we had to follow rules in an attempt to not catch the virus.

So many people wanted to write for this book. At the end is a section in the paperback version where you can record your thoughts. The passing of time means we forget certain things, and how we were feeling. Did you remember what all of the lockdowns were called? Can you think of the different ways in which you adjusted life? Write them down now before you forget.  You can record those thoughts after a quick reminder from myself and other incredible authors who have shared their innermost secrets and darkest fears, while talking you through little funny quirks of life which will also make you smile. 


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