Sunday 31 July 2022

Did you forget the promise you made yourself during lockdown?

 Hello! So, my book is finally out today, after over a year of delays. 

In this book you can find more of the things you loved last time to get you thinking about life, what is living and how can we do it better?


The first book saw an excited load of loveliness as we all rejoiced in the summer sun, the time away from routine and general sense of 'finding purpose'. Then the rules came, we were kept away from our families, unable to see people we needed to take care of... sadness crept in. But among that was a sense of knowing that we can learn from this pandemic. Did you promise yourself that? Have you forgotten those promises? This book gives you a reminder, as well as a chance to write down the story you want to tell yourself to help create your ideal life. The first book is here: Covid-19: How it made us feel The second, new book is here: DeJaVu: Life from behind the mask


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