Saturday 29 June 2013

Do you want more money?

Is that a daft question? Who doesn't want more money?  Now as a personal coach I would ask lots of questions such as
*Why do you want more money?
*How are you going to get more money?
*What difference will it make to your life when you have more money?
Now,  think about those questions.  Many people just have a feeling of they want more money and not so sure about the how or why.....
If you feel inclined to,  write those questions down and even write the answers.  You can write them below if you like in the comments box..   You may be very surprised to realise you actually might find it VERY achievable.  Of course we can do lots of work to break down HOW to get this extra revenue and I may well go ahead with a VLOG and a flip chart  on you tube and break everything down.
However,  I have a very strong feeling that you may be falling into the same category as many others which is this: You listen to the media!
Recession recession we are being told.  Ok, enough of that word now!
Listen,  I read yesterday that if we all split the money of the word equally,  we would all have a million pounds......... HEY!! That means someone has yours,  unless you are a millionaire already!
Now, true or not I want you to open your mind right now and think about this:
Mark and Spencer
Three names for you!! Ok, so what about them?? They are all BUSY! Look in the grocery department at M N S and see how busy they are.  I visited Bluewater recently and most of the shops were empty. I was going to have my MAC looked at and honestly,  Apple was so so busy in there! Now, did you notice that Apple NEVER discount their products or put on a sale.  Why would they?  They don't need to! They have a quality product that EVERYONE wants (pretty much!) and people are prepared to pay for that quality!
Let's say that again.
So, imagine your business without discounts and offers and tricks.  What about if you were just to add a better quality that you would get known for and then the profit margins would go up as you take away the need for discounting.
Should you decide to see the glass as half empty here just to try and be clever,  you could say
"Ah yes but all those shops that sell things for 99p or discounted clothes shops are busy too as that is what people can afford."
How do you know what people can afford?  Why are you assuming what they can afford. 
Ok, so yes, many people want to buy something for 99p.  How many products does that store need to sell to generate enough profit to pay the staff, the rent, the rates, the accountant? Etc etc.  You see my point.
To enable you to pay the attention in time to your client,  you need to offer that quality.
Competing with the competition means you will have to offer quality.  Look around you.  Do the staff look immaculate? What about the decor....... ?
What about your thoughts? 
Are you worth it? What are you worth?

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