Sunday 30 June 2013

Sleep Baby Sleep!

ImageTell me,  do you feel that your head hits the pillow at night and your mind is FULL of racing thoughts?
What are you thinking about?
Is it the entrepreneurial brain within you? IF  you are chasing thoughts round and round.....
Who can you discuss your thoughts with?
Who Do you trust?
Would you love to sleep peacefully each night, knowing that everything will be okay?
Currently I'm working with a  salon owner who approached me in total overwhelm.
He had what felt like hundred of problems to figure out. While he was busy trying to stop his staff from constant bickering and complaining about phone calls from advertising agencies, he found he felt frazzled.
AT NIGHT.........would you like to sleep soundly?
Have you ever wondered if it's actually possible to wake in the morning feeling refreshed?
IT "So, Totally is......."
Here's my 5 steps towards achieving that goal:
1. STOP! Give yourself a break. Realise you cannot rule the world single handedly. You need help.
2. Think (and fantasise) about life the way you want it. What do you want?
3. Take a half day "off".  This is not a holiday,  you will be working with great productivity - go somewhere with a pad and pen alone.  Make 2 lists.  One of things that bother you, one of things you would like.  You may find common ground here which will begin to give you some answers.
4. Download a free "Guided meditation" to listen to before you goto sleep. Betcha, you're asleep before it finishes.  Choose your first meditation to be "relaxation".
5.  Ask for some help.  Decide what will work for you.  Do you want to be listened to? Do you want practical help?  Do you need help to even realise what you need?

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