Tuesday 25 June 2013

Salon Mystery Shopper Services

Salon Consultant and Mystery Shopper services

So, what does a client see?
When you invite a client into your salon, are you ready to impress them? To hear a gasp of “Wow!”
Now, should you find that you are the type of salon who’s decor and interior will never make the client gasp with that “Wow” what can you do?
Give up?
Accept that profit will be low, staff turnover high and just go with the unacceptable levels of service that go hand in hand with a regular salon that has no “Wow” factor?
Of course NOT!!!!
There are so many ways to turn around your salon if it is not making a profit….. these ways can be easy and they can be FREE.
Would you like to know HOW?
Generally, it might be surprisingly easy.  Yet if you are a salon which  has managers busy cutting hair 80% of their time, then you might well be missing some direction and leadership.
The best foot forward there is to employ help in the form of experienced and educated salon consultant, yes, like me!
Having many years working in management and lots and lots of training, there is a wealth of experience just waiting to be shared with you and your team. Some people are concerned they may be tied into a contract of some sort and end up paying a lot of money for this service.
Generally, there will be no contracts and you are free to book as many or as few days as you like although don’t expect too many miracles with only one day booked.
Often, coaches or consultants will offer an hour or two over the net using skype or other forms of chat.  This can be cost effective.
Yet my recommendation for my salons first and foremost is to book a Mystery shopper report.
This is not your bog standard report with yes/no answers. Instead this is carried out by qualified industry experts who can do the usual observations and then also go ahead and make recommendations with clear instructions on HOW you can do this yourself.
Involving 2 reports, one will detail the findings of the “client”/ mystery shopper as you would find as a regular mystery shopper and then as a consultant, you will find details of websites you can connect with to find free furniture,  better deals on your retail products etc….
After taking action over a couple of months, you can then go ahead and see the results. If you find you are simply too busy to deal with this yourself then you may need to get the consultant onboard to help put things into action for you. At least you have the chance to change things yourself with an expert opinion to help you.
Imagining that your salon is creating a WOW factor to your clients is no good.
You need to KNOW that your clients are seeing great things when they walk into the salon.
My next few blogs I will be detailing this for you step by step so you can begin to have a think about exactly what will be seen through the clients eyes. All for FREE so please sign up for my blog and you will find out when I’m here giving you the heads up on your competition!
Come on, let’s do it!
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