Monday 24 June 2013

How to decide to GO FOR IT! Making your dreams come true

Just recently while at the gym, I bumped into two very good friends of mine.
These ladies had seen my blog and have known for a long time about my book writing. They asked me, "Well, I really want to write a book but have no idea how to get it out there."
I say 'asked me' yet in an English Literature class at school this actually isn't a question but rather a statement.
So, why are YOU telling yourself with a statement that you can't get it out there? Or make the changes? Or do what you need to do to create your dream life? Your 'lusher life'.
Let's look at turning this around....
What CAN you do to enable yourself one little move in the direction of making your dream come true'? How can you begin? There will be some small way, honestly. I have been making these moves for sometime and have managed to get literally stacks of work done. You can too.
There are many authors who have written books while still working the day job to enable them to pay the bills. Of course, you must be sensible obviously. If you decided after reading this blog, "Right, she's right, that Louise has made me decide to completely change my life starting right now!" and you haven't taken common sense into the equation then possibly things will not work out so well. Figure it out with a little sense. While you are fitting in your dreams, you are working towards them without the changes spoiling your current situation. In other words, you are taking steps to IMPROVE life without going crazy and making your life in a worse situation.
Ok, enough of the negative stuff now as we don't like to do that here. So, what do you want? I ask you that question on lots of my blogs. This blog is about creating your Lusher Life. What do you want? Imagine you want to write a book. In your break at work, like lunchtime or even coffee break, start writing. Don't overcomplicate the tools you need. You can use your phone, we all have the facility these days to write some lines on our phone. Even without a smart phone, text it to yourself. Write wherever you are.
If, as another example, you decided you need to take a course, or learn something new, use podcasts, or YouTube to educate yourself on your commute or again during your lunchbreak.
First step is this: Imagine that it is all possible! Use my word 'do-able'. Is it do-able? Don't find excuses or reasons. Find ways to do it. The only one who can change your life is you.
I'm spending lots and lots of time coaching these past few weeks and the mindsetting is always the first step to making changes. Let me know if you feel you would like some help too. I will very bravely be inviting (anonymous if you like) texts to my personal phone for free pretty soon. FREE. I will invite you to send me your text or email to me personally with your question. I may use these questions to answer in a blog too if that's ok with you. Let's be brave together?
Thing is, you need to subscribe to my blog or email list (right hand side of the blog page) to get this number as it's coming later. Also, if you come over to my email list there is a future audiobook "Basics to the Law of ATTRACTION' as a free gift for you.
Your dream life:
Can you do it?
WILL you do it?
Much love
Louise xx
ps written while a client is taking her coffee break - using my new wireless keyboard, my iphone and a little app called 'wordpress'
See this video here to find out how I got on when I manifested my new VW GOLF


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