Wednesday 16 July 2014

Top 5 tips to figure out the life you want!

So what's stopping you?

Tell me,  what is stopping you from having the life you want?

Do you know what you want from your life?

Sometimes, thinking this one through can be a tricky one.  Over the years of learning the Law of Attraction along with other universal laws,  I have been guided into knowing exactly what I want from my life.  Although this has not been easy and I will share the tips I have learnt here with you now.

1.  What makes your heart sing?

When you do something,  you generally get a feeling about it.  A good feeling or a bad feeling.  Think of something that you would really not do even if you life depended on it.  My one is jumping out of a plane!
So then ,  reverse that feeling.  What do you love to do?  The thing that you would continue to do even if there were no other gain except you loving it.  Mine is writing....

2. What is the thing you did constantly as a child?

For me,  there are many things I love and they often are the same things I loved to do as a child.  However, with maturity and time I have realised that playing piano for the rest of my life is not likely to earn me a living (as I can't play!).  Now,  as a child I had the love, yet no lessons.  I taught myself and despite practising for hours,  I really wasn't so great at it.  Maybe you would go ahead and learn this skill and be great at it but for me,  I found there were other things I loved just as much but was GREAT at! 
So what's yours?

I love dance.  Yet,  I love it as a hobby.  It's not something I would like to turn into my trade, my industry.  As it then comes with rules.  Even the fact that I made 'a rule' a barrier,  suggests my vibration isn't as aligned with dance as it should be to make it my job.
So we are back to writing again.  I will do whatever it takes to make it.  Writing all the time,  engaging people, adding folks to my list,  even writing free books so people get the know, like and trust factor with my writing and may even go ahead and purchase a book or coaching session with me.

3. What type of personality are you?

There are so many factors to consider when thinking about your ideal job.  Who would you need to interact with?  If it's a room full of other people who potentially may slate you (which fills you with fear) then consider that.  If you can take walks in the forest with your dog every day, or swim every day or whatever fills you up....chances are this needs to be part of your daily life.

4. Try actually doing it.

Ok so figure out a couple of options. then go ahead and throw yourself out there.  Sitting thinking about it can drive you crazy.  You argue with yourself.  What if this?  What if that?

Doing the actual task,  for real,  will get that good old gut feeling stirring and you will instinctively know if it's right for you or not.  

A while back,  I had something in mind which felt so right.  Once I tried it,  I felt that while I had loved it,  there was a physical element to the job which would have stopped me from doing it to my best.  When I woke the next day and was in pain,  I was right to accept that this was not the full time job I thought it might have been.

5.  How does it affect the rest of your life?

If you stand in a room full of networking people and do your 60 second pitch, what do you say?
Which words stick in your throat? Which words make you stand more like a proud peacock?

Are you proud of what you do?  Do you find you would like to shout from the rooftops?  If this is the case,  you might well have found your niche.

Go for it.  

What is stopping you?

Much love

Louise xoxox

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