Tuesday 19 August 2014

First story in the Anonymous blog series - this will take your breath away!

As I mentioned just a few short weeks ago,  I am inviting you to submit your stories to me to enter on this blog.

These might be stories you are embarrassed to share or simply can't share because they cannot go under your name.  All I ask is that it is a story that ends on a positive twist.  For example, if you are telling of how your heart has been broken,  what did you learn from that?  How has it helped you since.

Most of all, I love stories of manifestation and law of attraction based so these are the most likely to get published.  There is no charge for this but there is a chance that one of your stories may end up in my published book of amazing stories.

See the blog post with all the details here.

Now here is the first story which will totally blow your mind.  Things like this really do happen.  If you don't know about the Law of attraction you need to learn so you too can witness this stuff happening too.

The Ring with the Loose stone

I have a ring with a loose stone. I bought this ring in Clacton on Sea, years ago- at a shop which probably no longer exists. The year I was married. The stone itself Is probably a lab created one- Alexandrite- based on its moderate cost. This ring got a day out several weeks ago, on a busy outing on new streets and shops. I think it was taken to a bakery, a gallery, and a Tesco Express. When I discovered the stone gone| l looked for it for several days, not expecting to find it. It was going to be hard to find a lost ring-but a lost stone?! Sean asked what I was looking for. l said a ring is Missing. He said" your wedding ring?" I said no-its not that- its one l dont really want to worry about. l dont worry about my jewelry anymore.
But I looked, when I could. l even looked at Tesco in the bread area where I had shopped that day. I let it go, knowing it was best not to worry about these types of trivialities , particularly now with so much going on.

2 weeks have passed. Over time we have actually changed rooms in the hotel- moved from a noisy room on first floor to a less noisy one on fifth floor. From there , the days pass on, with work and our daily routine.

This morning I searched scripture for something the pastor Dave at Hope City Liverpool church said last week. He was reading in Chronicles 28 about how God knows where we are exactly, precisely...and want to establish His work through us. How He goes above and beyond to find Us. And certain people in the household of David were chosen to do certain things espressly by Gods direction. How God uses everything- nothing is wasted. Every part of our life has a purpose!
After I read a bit more, l stopped and went to get my phone across the room... I looked down and Saw something shiny on the floor near our bedroom door. It looked like a metal chip but it was a strange color. When I picked it up- it was this little Alexandrite stone , lost weeks ago on the first floor! I have no idea how it got there. It defies explanation.
God Is truly amazing. Even the "little things "matter to him. Nothing is wasted... When I leave Liverpool, will take the messages heard here with me- and other amazing gifts of the spiritual kind.

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